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What is ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the strenuous governed investment raising process and sell their main crypto tokens in trade for cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat.

ICOs are often used to fund the new crypto-currencies, but lately, we are witnessing many new ICO projects with real-life use cases. Shortly it has become a tool that could revolutionize not only currency, even so, the entire financial system.

Top Rated ICOs

The Abyss ICO
9.5 Amazing 9.2 Amazing User Avg

The Abyss ICO

Crypto reward ecosystem for gamers & developers.

9.4 Amazing


FTEC is a project that seeks to combine all trading intelligence services and neural networks into a...

Sharpay ICO
9.1 Amazing

Sharpay ICO

Sharpay is a unique technological and very simple share button with blockchain profit.

9 Amazing 9.2 Amazing User Avg


SKYFchain, world’s first cargo robots manufacturer integrates drone cargo industry into the blockcha...

Pre ICOs

FTEC ICO 9.4 Amazing


Worldopoly ICO 8.9 Great

Worldopoly ICO

EiraCube ICO 8.9 Great

EiraCube ICO

Arround ICO 8.9 Great

Arround ICO

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ICO Reviews

FTEC ICO Review 9.4 Amazing


FTEC – the first trading cryptocurrency ecosystem. The idea behind this project is very clear and simple: to create a holistic ecosystem that will contain...

Squeezer ICO Review 9 Amazing

Squeezer ICO Review

Establishing a blockchain development environment is time-consuming, and it is hard to keep up stability for post-production releases. Thousands of new blockcha...

Worldopoly ICO Review 8.9 Great

Worldopoly ICO Review

Worldopoly: Playable Innovation Combining AR, Blockchain and Geopositioning Worldopoly provides a unique gameplay experience that enhances mobile gaming from it...

EiraCube ICO Review 8.9 Great

EiraCube ICO Review

EiraCube is a European startup that is developing the world’s first robotic pop-up chain of stores – a fully IoT, blockchain-based business model requiring no h...

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