EiraCube ICO Review

EiraCube is a European startup that is developing the world’s first robotic pop-up chain of stores – a fully IoT, blockchain-based business model requiring no human personnel in store. Placed in high-end shopping malls across the globe, it employs robots instead of sales assistants and it sells exclusive items from online merchants.

E-commerce has grown at an unprecedented rate and is projected to grow at an even higher rate over the upcoming years. According to “Statista”, retail ecommerce sales worldwide in 2014 were USD 1.3 trillion and are set to increase to USD 4 trillion by 2020.

EiraCube ICO Review

The product’s key features are:

  • Full automation through the use of robots cuts labor expenses, one of the major cost components in retail industry, to zero. The use of robots makes ensures that the level of service will be of the same high quality across all the retail chain.
  • Lean access to offline clientele with offerings starting from 1 shelf for an online merchant.
  • Fast offline channel access tool with 1-week go-to-market time for just $30-60 per day for a shelf place in the leading shopping centers.
  • Innovative data capturing solutions such as heat sensors and cameras measuring customers’ engagement and to support data-driven decision-making.
  • Customized shelf space branded with seller’s visual identity.
  • One-stop solution to simultaneously launch the product in the best malls around the world.

Revenue Streams

  1. The core source of revenue is the shelf space rental income. When an online merchant registers with EiraCube they just need to pick a location and pay a fee for renting a shelf in the selected shop. To put an item on a cube’s shelf, a client has to pay a fee set by an AI-based algorithm, which takes into account a number of client and product metrics.
  2. Explosive growth in newcomers’ sales is the ultimate goal for us as EiraCube’s mission is to bring new merchants to a larger market. As long as certain products’ revenue targets are reached, a percentage of sales comes to EiraCube’s account, thus, making revenue sharing the second revenue stream for EiraCube.
  3. The third source of revenue for EiraCube is the fee for advertising content deployment. Another option provided in selected locations is a dedicated showroom where a consumer can more deeply engage with the product with the help of a robotic shopping assistant.

Token Mechanics

Monetization of EiraCube tokens works as follows.

  1. Clients pay cash for shelf space rental. The cash then accumulates on the one end of our smart contract.
  2. Token holders willing to sell their BRETTs deposit them on the other end of the smart contract.
  3. The smart contract exchanges cash for tokens on a monthly basis.
  4. The number of tokens goes down as EiraCube “burns” 0.1% of BRETTs from every transaction in the tokens. They also entitle token holders with 100% of the chain net income in BRETT through the token buyback program.

15% of revenue will be reinvested in opening new cubes that will generate new fiat inflow into the system (base scenario assumes 500+ cubes by the end of 2020).

The two key pillars project rely on the demand for the tokens from the merchants and the Bancor protocol mechanism. When a merchant pays, a smart contract converts that to BRETTs and 0.1% of every transaction is “burned” which generates demand for them. Thus, there is always a buyer for a token holder looking to sell the tokens.

Pre-ICO Soft Cap = US$1M
ICO Soft cap = US$3M
ICO Hard cap = US$25M

Bonus Schedule:

February 1 to May 1 = +40 ~ 30%

May 1 to May 4 = +20 ~ 15%

May 4 to May 11 = +10 ~ 6%

May 11 to May 16 = +5 ~ 1%

Token sale structure & distribution

  • Token Sale Investors
  • Reserve Fund
  • Team
  • Advisors, early supporters, bounty
eiracube ico review
Kosta Dubinin

He founded AK-Techno, a security system integrator and Global Satellites Technology, a satellite and internet connectivity venture. Dublinin also founded and raised substantial capital for CountBox, a retail analytics developer.


eiracube ico review
Andrey Stryukov
Blockchain CTO

He boasts more than 16 years of experience in software development for international companies where he has been a key contributor, advising senior leadership on business critical technology.


eiracube ico review
Igor Karavaev

Ex-executive Director at the Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubator of start-ups.


Awesome blockchain project which is a global decentralized ecosystem directly connecting e-commerce merchants to offline sales & customers.
  • Huge potential
  • Buyback and token burn
Profile - 9
Team - 8.7
Product - 9
Marketing - 8.8

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