FTEC – the first trading cryptocurrency ecosystem.
The idea behind this project is very clear and simple: to create a holistic ecosystem that will contain all the necessary tools for users with any level of experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.

The ecosystem offers a complex of 15 original solutions for:

  • Boosting your sales efficiency (by using smart trading systems)FTEC ICO Review
  • Saving your time (by using neuronetworks for information flow filtering)
  • Studying the specifics of crypto trading (with the help of automatized cryptoacademy and broad database)
  • Improving your trading strategies (by using a smart system for analyzing your trading history on cryptocurrency markets)
  • Minimizing the risks of the trading activity (by using the tips of the automatic search for most profitable offers on the market)
  • Receiving the latest trends in the industry (by means of smart service for analyzing social networks and web search data)

Scheme of ecosystem products usage

FTEC ICO ReviewSmart Trading System – a set of 12 modules, which automatically trade through tested, verified and debugged algorithms.

Adaptive Social Assistant is a program module that sends filtered news to a trader from cryptocurrency accounts on social networks by pre-adapting them to specified parameters.

Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis is a module that analyzes the trading history and forms recommendations on how to change the trading strategy to achieve better profitability.

Exchange Order Management Module is a service that allows you to simultaneously set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels and additionally calculates the most favorable price for opening an order based on its own mathematical algorithm.

Analyzer of the News Background is a module based on a neural network that is built on LSTM architecture. Analyzer generates reports based on the flow of information from the media.

Arbitrage Assistant is a module that allows you to get profit by using arbitrage windows on most cryptocurrency exchanges in manual and automatic mode.

Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer is a program module that will help the trader to automatically track the unusual behavior of assets in the market.

Cryptoacademy is a training module with theoretical materials and also convenient practical tasks that will help to develop analytical skills without the risk of losing their own funds.

Trading Recommendations Platform is a module for monetization of trading recommendations from independent traders and experts using ratings and reputation system.

Global Price Analyzer is a program module for finding the most profitable offers on the exchanges, which allows you to save on the difference in rates of cryptocurrencies on various exchangers.

Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management is a comprehensive solution for the creation, management, and tracking of portfolio statistics.

Module of Price Notification is a program solution for timely informing the trader about achieving the set price values.

Telegram Assistant is a program module that allows the trader to interact with the main ecosystem functionality through the Telegram messenger interface.

Desktop App is a program solution for personal computers that provides access to all ecosystem functions. In addition, part of the functionality can be used offline.

Mobile App is mobile version of the ecosystem, which can be conveniently used with a smartphone.


Monetization model

  1. Payments from users of the ecosystem for the use of certain services.
  2. The global increase of the interest in the ecosystem due to a high level of efficiency and usefulness of the ecosystem’s products.
  3. Commission fees on the domestic market of trading recommendations.
  4. Useful thematic advertising integrations.

Guarantees and Refund

Soft cap Pre-sale is limited by 2000 ETH, 25% of the collected funds will be spent on the marketing tasks of the main round of Token Sale. 75% of ETH coins will be spent on the development of alpha versions of program modules and execution of planned items from the Roadmap.

Pre-sale Smart Contract include a refund function that allows users to return their money in case if soft cap is not achieved. The mechanism for returning funds is implemented through the feature within the smart contract, since reverse transactions will cost a certain amount.

The amount of issued tokens is constant (998.4 Mil). Thus, the possibility of additional token emission is liquidated. It means that every token holder can be sure that he can manage a part of tokens he bought.

Platform can form a certain queue of users because of uneven distribution of tokens between holders. In this case, any user can influence the position he has in the queue by changing the number of tokens he has. The user will be able to track his position in the rating by using the relevant tool in user’s account. The place in queue will be determined by the number of tokens on user’s balance within the system. Tokens, which are held on exchanges, will not be considered during the queue forming.

During the project’s development, there will be situations when token holders will be able to make decisions about the vector of the ecosystem’s movement. FTEC holders who have more than a certain amount of tokens on balance within the system have a voice in questions of project development. Such votings will last a certain amount of time and all users will be notified of their start. To prevent users from increasing his voting weight by creating a few accounts, the voting weight will be determined by the amount of tokens which were on the user’s balance at the moment of voting start.

All payments will be made in FTEC tokens. Also tokens will be used for quick transactions in the system and getting bonuses.

Token sale structure & distribution

  • Token Sale Investors
  • Pre-Sale
  • Team
  • Advisors
  • Bounty
  • Airdrop
Ihor Torshyn

– International Business Development Manager at IO Technologies
– Trader and Business Development Manager at CryptoAngels


Stanislav Ochkur
Business Development

– Head of Marketing, Advertising and Brand Support, Project Manager at Luxwen


Luis Felicio

– Software Developer at iFactory Solutions
– Software Developer at Serpentarius Software
– Software Developer at Instituto Atlantico


Julián Marcelo Bernal González
Cyber Security Specialist

– IT System Analyst at New Group
– IT Engineer Intership at GD7 Distribuidor de Alimentos LTDA


Tim Marchini
Head of Marketing

– CEO at MarchiniMarketing
– Sales Manager at Fiscer Planning


Jack Shin

– Alternative Investment Expert
– Korean Blockchain Market Professional


Awesome project! The project, team, and vision all great. They have existing services: and Very user-friendly and share model is fair.
  • Freezing of team’s tokens for a year
  • All unsold tokens will be burned
  • Automatic refund if the soft cap is not achieved
Profile - 9.4
Team - 9.4
Product - 9.5
Marketing - 9.4

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