SKYFchain is deployed in Vietnam

SKYFchain is deployed in Vietnam

We are happy to disclose that SKYF cargo drones, the first autonomous cargo vehicles to operate on SKYFchain, has joined a cooperation agreement with Vietnam-based International Transportation and Trading Company (ITC). ITC plans to launch a service for unmanned aerial cargo logistics with SKYF heavy lifting drones and invest into purchasing of two SKYF drones for testing. The deal will be completed by the end of 2019. The partners are now sketching a road map and preparing the paperwork according to the national regulation rules.

The primary service of ITC is the waterway transportation. Currently, ITC owns and operates 2 160 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) Barges with total capacity of 320 TEUs per turn. Besides, ITC operates inland transport division which has 140 tractors and 160 trailers.

ITC considers new opportunities opening with the growing of the unmanned cargo logistics market. Thus, the company will purchase SKYF heavy lifting drones. The aim of ITC is to expand the set of goods transportation services being provided and to gain a competitive advantages on the regional logistics market.
“We are proud and excited with the opportunity to become the first logistics operator in Vietnam to use SKYF drones. I suppose this agreement opens a new page in the history of regional transportation industry,” Nguyen Tuan Anh, Director of ITC.

“I believe Vietnamese market to open promising opportunities for SKYF. Our cooperation with ITC could start a new era in the regional logistics industry and turn Vietnam into a world leader on the market of unmanned aerial carriers,” says Alexander Timofeev, CEO of SKYF and SKYFchain.

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